One flat fee - $35 per request plus provider fees.

No contracts, startup fees, or minimum monthly requests. You're only billed for the requests you make.

Records we retrieve

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Your accountant will love us!

We prepay provider fees and charge them back to you once the records are received. Itemized invoices are uploaded to your online portal every billing period for the records received that period. Invoices can be easily sorted by the user who made the request or client requested for.

Billing is on the 15th and 30th of each month. Don't want to be billed twice a month? No problem! You can opt in to only be billed on the 30th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who covers the provider fees?

We cover Provider Fees up front and charge the them back to the client on the invoice for each billing cycle.

Why are there no service fees?

We don’t want our clients to feel stuck in a contract. We want our clients to use Record Grabber because we are the easiest, most cost efficient way to retrieve medical records.

What information is needed to make a request?

All we need from you is the provider information, client information, request information, and a signed and executed HIPAA compliant authorization form. You may use your own form with a letter or representation signed by your firm with your letterhead if you do. We will include this letter of representation with each request that we are not on the HIPAA form. We also provide a link where you can download our HIPAA authorization form to use.

What if the records are incorrect once received?

We check every record before it is uploaded to the Record Grabber portal but if you find something is missing, contact us and we will go back to the provider to get the information for you at no cost.

Is there an extra cost for certified records?

No additional cost for certified records.


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