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Common Questions

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Signing Up
Does Record Grabber have contracts or signup fees?
No contracts, startup fees, or minimum monthly requests. You're only billed for the requests you make.
How do I get started?
Click the Get Started button on the top right of the site. From there it’ll prompt you through the process.
What documents are needed to get started?
In order to get started making orders, we just need our standard single page Letter of Representation letter signed by someone at your firm.
Who do I talk to when I have questions?
When you signup for Record Grabber you are assigned an Account Manager. That person will be your point of contact for everything related to requests you make and your account.
Record Retrieval
What type of records does Record Grabber retrieve?
We retrieve all types of records from medical records to cell phone records. Here is just a short list of the records we retrieve: Medical & Billing, Physician Bills, Certified Documents, Pathology, Pharmacy, Ambulance, Military Records, Affidavits, Insurance Files, X-ray, Cell Phone Records. Don't see what you’re looking for? Get in touch!
What is Record Grabber's turn around time for medical record retrieval?
Our average turnaround time is 3 weeks. Sometimes records come in faster than that and sometimes they come in slower. It all depends on the provider, however we strive to maintain a 3 week average.
How do we receive our requested records?
Once Record Grabber receives your records, they are uploaded into the portal and you are notified via email that they are ready to download.
What does Record Grabber do with the physical paper documents once they have been scanned and uploaded into the portal?
We shred and recycle all records once we are done with them. We like to be friendly to the environment while reducing clutter.
How long do we have access to our records in the Record Grabber portal.
g do we have access to our records in the Record Grabber portal. You will have access to your records in the Record Grabber portal forever. After 90 days, all records are moved out of the Dashboard into the Archived Request folder but you will still have access to those documents.
What information is needed to make a request?
Patient information: first name, last name, date of birth, the last 4 of their ssn Provider information: provider name, provider city, provider state Documents: a completed HIPAA compliant release form
What if I don't have a date of service?
That's no problem! When making the request, put "All" in the date of service field and we'll retrieve all records for your requested client.
Can we use our HIPAA Release form instead of the one provided by Record Grabber?
Absolutely. No problem there.
If we request x-rays, how do we receive those?
They will most likely be sent to us on a CD and we will mail that CD to you.
Can Record Grabber retrieve records that need subpoenas?
If you provide the subpoena, we can retrieve the records.
How are the provider fees paid?
We cover the provider fees up front. Once the records have been received, uploaded into the Record Grabber portal, and the request has been closed out, we charge them back to you.
How can Record Grabber be sure they are getting me the best rate on provider fees?
We keep up with the various state statutes controlling how much can be charged for medical records. If a record is going to cost more than $200, we will put the request on hold and ask for approval on those fees.
What if the records are incorrect once we receive them?
Just let your Account Manager know and we will get the correct records for you.
What is the cost of one record retrieval request?
Our fee is $35 per request. See more pricing information.
What is included in one request?
Medical records and bills from the same provider are one request. If additional documents are wanted (ie: Anesthesiology Physician Bills, ER Physician Bills, Radiology Physician Bills, X Ray Film, Pathology Slides, Pharmacy, Ambulance Bills), those would each be an additional request.
Does Record Grabber take priority requests?
We do! Our fee is $60 per priority request. These requests are called on twice as often and aren’t guaranteed, but typically are retrieved faster. If the requested documents aren't retrieved within 30 days of making the request, you just pay the $35 for a normal request.
Is there an extra cost for certified records?
There is no extra cost.
Chronologies & Summaries
What level of Chronology and Summary do I need?
The level of Chronology and Summary entirely depends on the needs of the case. Check out our different levels of Chronologies and Summaries and what they include.
What is the turnaround time for a Chronology and Summary?
Turnaround time for a Chronology and Summary varies based on the level requested. Basic Level Chronology: 2 business days Medium Level Chronology & Summary: 5-7 business days High Level Chronology & Summary: 5-7 business days
About how many hours will my Chronology and Summary take?
The number of pages per hour we can process per hour depends on the level of Chronology and Summary requested. Basic Level Chronology: 220 pages per hour Medium Level Chronology & Summary: 50 pages per hour High Level Chronology & Summary: 30 pages per hour If you’re wanting hyperlinking, that will just add a few extra hours. After a request for a Chronology and Summary is submitted in the Record Grabber portal, you will receive a more accurate estimate of the amount of time the requested report will take. See more pricing information.
Does Record Grabber need to retrieve the records to get a Chronology and Summary made?
We can retrieve the records and start on the Requested Chronology and Summary once all documents are received. If you already have the records, you can upload all relevant records into your portal.
What is the pricing for a Chronology and Summary?
Basic Level Chronology: $25 per hour Medium Level Chronology & Summary: $35 per hour High Level Chronology & Summary: $45 per hour After a request for a Chronology and Summary is submitted in the Record Grabber portal, you will receive a more accurate estimate of the amount of time the requested report will take. See more pricing information.
Can I put in an order for a rush Chronology and Summary?
Yes! We can turn around Medium Level Chronology & Summaries and High Level Chronology & Summaries in 2 days.
What is the pricing for a rush Chronology and Summary?
Medium Level Chronology & Summary: $45 per hour High Level Chronology & Summary: $55 per hour
When am I billed?
We bill on the 15th and the 30th of each month. You can choose to be billed on both days or just the 30th of each month. By default, we will invoice you on both the 15th and the 30th. Edit your billing preferences.
What are the payment options?
You can choose to be invoiced each billing period or make automated payments from a credit card or checking account.
How will invoices be received?
Each billing period you will receive an email saying your invoice is ready to view in the portal. You will login to your account to view the invoice.
How do I pay my invoice?
There is a “Billing” link in the portal on the left hand side that will take you to your paid and outstanding invoices. Watch the demo video on paying invoices.
Will we see in what we are being charged for?
Each invoice is itemized so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.
Will we receive a copy of individual invoices for our clients case files?
In the portal, you can sort by client and see all associated fees. Watch the demo video on running billing and invoice reports.

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