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Save time and money by tracking client record requests and automating billing matters.

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Create an online account with the ability to add multiple sub-users that have access to all or selected files, giving you the ability to keep records personally organized.

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Manage billing invoices, client accounts, and record retrieval all in one portal. Clio and Record Grabber allow invoicing matters to be generated automatically in your Clio account from records received in Record Grabber to provide ease in organizing and consolidating payments.

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Spend less time following up on record retrieval and spend more time on what is really important - your business.

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Now you can integrate current clients and billing information from your Clio account to a Record Grabber account. Now all of your record retrieval needs are consolidated into one easy to use portal!

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Submit a record request for a new or preexisting client! Now with your integration you are able to pull client information from Clio or enter new clients into the Record Grabber portal for future use.

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Login to your Record Grabber online portal in order to download and view your requested records. This safe and secure online portal allows you to download records and provides you with the ability to have access to the documents at any time, from anywhere.