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Your Guide to the Top Legal Podcasts

Podcasts are a modern phenomenon of the web, and one of many popular media types for the modern consumer of information. They are digital files released as MP3 downloads for listening at leisure on a computer or mobile device. Not everybody likes to read a webpage and podcasts are useful to play during a commute into work. Here is Record Grabber’s recommended list of legal podcasts.


ABA Journal

The journal has not one but four podcasts covering a myriad of legal issues. These are: Modern Law Library (a discussion of legal theory featuring some top brains from the legal world), Law Student Podcast (about issues affecting schooling and students), Legal Rebels (about the trendsetters in law), and Asked & Answered (a Q&A podcast session)

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Lawyer 2 Lawyer

This legal podcast looks at current events and the hot topics in the news. Each podcast features an expert from the industry to discuss those events from a legal perspective. It’s an award-winning podcast; recent subjects include gender discrimination in Biglaw, The Mueller Report, and parental rights in light of anti-vaccine movement.

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Bloomberg Law Podcast

One of the world’s most famous providers of finance and law news, now it has its own podcast too. It regularly features both law academics and practitioners to discuss the current issues in the news. It particularly focuses on legal cases under public discussion, getting the information direct from analysts.

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I am the Law

Most podcasts in this list focus on the big issues of the day, legal theory and precedent, and education. This seeks to dispel myths about the law and its practice, by inviting a professional lawyer on for each podcast. It’s less about current affairs and more about information dissemination.

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Legal Talk Network

By professionals, for professionals, LTN invite host from the practice, organizations, and accreditation bodies to discuss the issues of the day across their 20 podcasts. The network is as thorough as it can be to provide a wide range of services to those who work in legal.

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The Lawyerist Podcast

Where is the legal profession heading? That is the main question that TLP seeks to answer, rather than the issues of the day, it looks at how cases and legislation are changing the environment of the law profession.

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The Filevine Fireside

Filevine is a Case Management Software package. Part of their public outreach is a publicly accessible blog which regularly features a downloadable podcast. Like many other top podcasts, it covers the legal issues of the day, but also content aimed at students and even the public.

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