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You Could Manage Your Own Record Retrieval, But Why Would You?

Every day, business leaders in legal and insurance ask one question. That question is: why outsource record retrieval out when we can do it in-house? But as proven repeatedly, sometimes they should switch around the elements in that question. Instead, they should ask “why attempt to do this in house when we can save money and resources by outsourcing?”


Why Not Outsource?

There are many areas where you already outsource. Unless you are a large business, you likely contract the services of third-party accountants rather than in-house accountants. Similarly, you may also outsource your bookkeeping and payroll to third-party specialists. You do so because they are qualified professionals and experts in their field.

When paying a contractor to do work, a business is not paying for the contractor to carry out only that task, they also pay for the years of experience. The same applies to record retrieval. A specialist company like Record Grabber represents immediate cost savings. At the same time, you are hiring years of experience in our field, an organization keeping up with the constant change of data protection and storage protocols.


Why Outsource to a Paralegal?

There is a tendency in the legal profession to outsource record retrieval and storage. Most commonly legal experts hire paralegals to save cost. While these paralegals do a good job, they are not specialists in the field of record retrieval and storage. There may be situations where the risks of using non-specialists to save money outweigh the benefits.

In our expert view, this is risky. We would advise contracting to a professional, expert, qualified, experienced record retrieval and storage firm every time.


Outsourcing is Common Practice

Professional athletes hire accountants and finance experts to manage their funds so they can focus on being a professional athlete. Similarly, IT service people who need to move hardware between locations hire professional couriers. Most law firms use third-party case management systems because the financial and resource cost of in-house development is prohibitive.

The burden of keeping on top of records and the ever-changing world of legal requirements can detract you from your business. Outsourcing something as complex as record retrieval and storage will relieve your employees of the burden. It then permits you to work on getting clients through the door to help them win cases and build or maintain your already impressive legal reputation.


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