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Keeping Work Culture in Mind When Outsourcing


No matter how profitable or efficient, organizations will experience issues with work culture. Teams that have worked together for a long time can sometimes get complacent and stuck in habits. In the majority of cases, we make allowances and work around to ensure that we move forward as a business. This is not always possible. In several recent high-profile cases, an organization’s data integrity has failed because of poor work culture. At Record Grabber we are up to speed with current medical record retrieval trends and take pride in our attention to detail.


Too Much Work

One of the biggest explanations for poor work culture with regard to data integrity is that employees have too much work. There is simply too much to do that important processes are forgotten, neglected, bypassed. Employees find and exploit shortcuts because of pressure. Forgetfulness, inability to cope and complacency lead to HIPAA violations. These violations are potentially costly for your business in the long-term. One solution to too much work is to outsource part of that work to a third party.


Lack of Experience

Employees no longer stay for the long-term. Those that do and demonstrate capability and desire get promoted quickly. That means a near constant need to replace employees in the sort of roles where HIPAA violations are a daily possibility. Lack of experience in the work place is one of the biggest causes of errors in the work process. No matter how good the training, or how attentive the employee, they will make mistakes as part of their learning process.


Poor Attention to Detail

Anybody can display poor attention to detail. It comes from lack of experience, complacency and from having too much work. It is arguably the single biggest cause of error in any work environment, potentially causing millions of dollars. This is not just in fines for HIPAA, but unnecessary business expenses too. It can happen almost anywhere, but in the minefield of data protection, it can be disastrous. You are not dealing with purchasing too much stock, but people’s private data.


Outsourcing: A Simple Solution

While you could spend time, money and resources doing what you can to reduce these work culture problems, there is one simple and cost effective solution.  By outsourcing your data protection, storage and retrieval to Record Grabber, you will put your businesses processes in the hands of the professionals with the attention to detail and experience to succeed. The work burden on your employees will be lighter and you will save time and money. The potential for data loss is much lower.

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