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Why Summer Slowdown is the Perfect Time to Outsource

The summer break is almost here. Your employees will soon start taking vacation time – whether they have children or not. As most people’s downtime are scheduled between June and September, it’s traditionally a time when those who aren’t on vacation are overwhelmed. There is no better time for legal practice managers to make important business decisions about reorganizing and streamlining their practices. One of the biggest changes you can make now is to outsource your record retrieval and storage to a specialist third party.

Outsourcing Improves Morale

In most posts, we highlight the cost savings and security benefits of record outsourcing. However, there are many benefits to the employees as well as the business. Employees not on vacation will find they are under less pressure and less stressed when covering vacationing employees. By the time your employees are back in the office, they’ll find a simplified system awaiting them and won’t be overwhelmed with work. Therefore, they aren’t stressed when other employees go away.

Outsourcing Improves Productivity

Even with a full complement, your employees are likely wasting valuable time on tasks that slow them down. Into the fall and winter when everybody has returned from vacation, your employees can do more when your records are outsourced. The practice will find it can spend more time doing other, more productive tasks. Law firms that still practice In-house record retrieval often come to Record Grabber overwhelmed and needing to free up time.

Less Disruption for Clients

If you are prepared for the vacation period and working out a strategy to remain productive, so are your clients. They will expect slower response times but there is no need for this to be the case. If you can maintain your regular high level of service and even improve on it, it leads to improved relations. This means a good reputation which will lead to more clients. Going above and beyond expectation can help drive growth.

The Cloud is the Future

Summer is a period of positivity about the future, especially when on vacation. Business decisions are made while not at work; sometimes they are very good decisions. There is no better decision to make for a business than to future-proof it technologically. Cloud technology now permeates everything we do. It supports our telecommunications, protects our data, and permits easy backup. It’s more secure, more flexible, and better for the environment.


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