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Why Should You Outsource Record Retrieval?

Why you should Outsource

What Do Law Firms Outsource?

Law firms require many processes to continue operating as a functional business. There are business operations that take more time and manpower to accomplish than others. And as every attorney knows, time is money, especially when you are billing your clients by the hour. If you are in charge of managing the law firm, do you really have the time to spend on additional business necessities?

You take time out of your day to do business processes such as:

• Accounting
• Sales
• Intake Process
• Payroll
• Record Retrieval
• Marketing
• Customer Service
• Taxes

All of these daily business processes take a good portion of your time during the day and leave you very little time to do anything else. Which of these services do you already outsource to help you save time? Do you outsource your payroll or tax services? If you say yes to this you are like the majority of law firms who rely on a professional to manage their payroll and taxes. There are possible fines and negative business implications if taxes/payroll/accounting are not handled correctly and in a timely manner. Not only with your payroll or taxes, if you do not manage your intake process you can lose client interest and possible cases, which in turn loses money for your firm.

Companies and services like these provide law firms with a better service, in turn making their own firm successful. By outsourcing business operations a law firm is able to focus on what is important to them – their business and their clients.

Why Should You Outsource Record Retrieval?

First and foremost, should you really be handling certain services, would you consider yourself an expert in marketing or filing taxes? Outsourcing is also a great way to reduce labor costs while improving your companies’ focus on your business. Outsourcing services gives you an extension and expertise outside of your business base that only enhances the scope and efficiency of your firm.


We hear all the time, “I just send the requests to the hospital and hope that they get processed.” What ends up happening the majority of the time is paper work is incorrect, requests never make it to the right person, or that person never processes the request. You spend weeks waiting to receive the records only to call the hospital to find out the request is not even being processed. Then you have to start the process all over again, adding more time and cost to cases that your client wants to settle to receive damages. Not only are you costing yourself time and money, you are costing your client money that they may receive in a settlement.

Saving Money

You may think that you can do it efficiently, but at what cost? There are many cases of doctors and hospitals overcharging attorneys for records because they will pay for them. There are medical record copy fees based off state statutes for each state that providers must follow. How many invoices have you over paid for and cost yourself and your client money? A record retrieval service checks all provider fees by state statutes and ensures that you are not being overcharged.

Outsource to the Professionals

If you are outsourcing tax/payroll/accounting/marketing services to other companies, why not look in to outsourcing your record retrieval needs to a company whose sole focus and expertise is retrieving records for your firm. By pushing other operations to another company, you are able to reduce overhead for current operations as well as cut costs and have more productive hours. Stop wasting time on retrieving records and focus on what is important- your business.
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