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What Level of Chronology and Summary Do You Need?

We offer various levels of detail from a Basic Level Chronology to a High Level Chronology and Summary with hyperlinks. Pick the level that best fits your needs for this particular case – and a different level for the next!

What Record Grabber Will Check

In all cases, you will receive an estimate of cost before we proceed. Once given the go-ahead, we check the following medical records in this order: reports from ambulance crews and EMS, Emergency Department reports, reports of medical history and physical reports, consultations, radiology (in these cases, all findings – whether normal or abnormal in the first instance while abnormal instances only are reviewed), operative reporting, therapy evaluation reports, and discharge summaries. Initial and final evaluations are summarized. We do not examine the following documents: laboratory reports, in-patient progress notes, and anesthesia records.

Basic Level Medical Chronology

Our first offering is the Basic Level Chronology. With a two-business-day turnaround at a rate of $25 per hour (August 2018 prices), this is the fastest and most brief option. For that, you’ll receive case files sorted and indexed and a clearly stated chronology of services which will include dates, type of service, place of service, and provider details.

Ideal for: when you need to know a timeline of events of medical treatment from start to finish.

Medium Level Medical Chronology & Summary

For a Medium Level Chronology and Summary, normal turnaround time is 5-7 business days at $35 per hour. This level gets you everything that the Basic Level Chronology includes and in addition, customers will receive case files sorted and indexed by category (such as case notes, lab results and so on), a comprehensive medical summary for each service, medical summary pre-dating the incident, and a list of documents. A rush service is offered, getting you the required information in two business days at a cost of $45 per hour.

Ideal for: When more information, including investigations and diagnoses, is needed to be easily found and in one place.

High Level Medical Chronology & Summary

Our High Level Chronology and Summary gets you everything the Medium Level Chronology and Summary includes. In addition, you’ll receive an extensive medical explanation of each service. This level goes more in-depth than the Medium Level as to what occurred during each service. The turnaround is 5-7 business days at $45 per hour while the rush service turnaround is 2 business days at $55 per hour.

Ideal for: When you need a full medical history and require regular access to sources for more finer details.

Add Hyperlinking and Customization

Our customers can add hyperlinking to any Chronology and Summary. Hyperlinking takes you directly to the sources for quick and ready access.

Need something different? We have the flexibility to work with you to make a product that is exactly what you need. Reach out to start a conversation!

Ideal for: Any other situation!

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