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What is a medical chronology and summary?

A medical insurance claim can often be a long and complex process. It’s important that all stakeholders have all the vital information to hand at every necessary stage. Similarly, when a case goes to the courts, they too need as much information as possible to ensure quick and decisive resolution.

The problem is that medical cases can be long, complex, and full of medical jargon that insurers, lawyers, and juries cannot understand and do not have the time to sort through. It’s important to have all relevant information in hand – quickly and in as brief and unambiguous a form as possible. In short, that’s why medical chronologies and summaries are so important to a claims process.

Medical Chronology

A Medical Chronology in this industry is simply a list of a patient’s medical history relevant to a case. They’re designed as a list of events
of a patient’s medical history placed in chronological order. They are designed to be: concise, containing only the facts (without opinion or bias), and offer insight into the case. Unlike medical and legal documents, they are designed for easy reading for a wide audience who may not be familiar with medical jargon and shorthand. Most importantly, they are customizable to suit the needs of a case.

Medical Summary

A Medical Summary includes the chronology and a comprehensive summary of each event that takes place. This includes information like medication that the patient is taking or has taken (including dosages), their medical conditions, and treatments. It also contains details on contact with all medical professionals, their relevant diagnoses, and tests like blood, urine, and cholesterol. Current treatment plans being received, major surgeries, and any devices (for example a pacemaker) are also included in a Summary.

How can we help?

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