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Advantages of a Virtual Receptionist

If your reception services and legal intake is like most legal professionals, chances are you’re not as efficient as you could be. That means lost clients to competitors, lost revenue, and lack of organization. Law firms are too focused on work that they fail to capitalize on important leads after spending time, energy and money on outreach.  There may be an answer in Virtual Receptionist services by simply outsourcing and there are three broad advantages.


Reception services are time consuming. Busy lawyers don’t have the capacity to do it and usually lack the budget to invest in one or more full-time receptionists. Now is a good time to embrace the digital economy and hire a third-party Virtual Receptionist firm. Not only will you not need to train them, you won’t need to invest in technology, equipment, salary and other benefits. It’s a cost-effective solution and more efficient than having in-house employees.

Delegated Tasks

Your legal professional team are not receptionists. They are not administrators or personal assistants. When they devote too much of their workday doing this kind of work, their skills are being wasted.  The problem is, administration, answering calls in a timely manner, and the sort of work for which you usually employ a receptionist or PA are vital. Hiring third-party Virtual Receptionists is the ideal solution, freeing you up to work cases.

Client Growth

Just 50% of queries are answered in a timely manner, meaning lost business. Virtual Receptionists are fast and efficient, ensuring that most calls are taken immediately. Those that aren’t taken immediately are called back quickly, before the potential client has taken their business elsewhere. Virtual Receptionists represent more clients, increased revenue, and consequently, profit.

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