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Trump Your Record Management

Too Few Hours?

Jeb Bush stated back in July that we are working too few hours. Don’t we wish! Jeb got the too few hours correct, except he qualified it with “we.” Well let’s revise that qualifier to ‘in the day.’

Too Many Hours?

Forget your caseload for a second. Forget your torts and briefs for a second. Forget your calendar, your depositions for a second. Forget your hunt for new clients for a second. Forget your billable hours for a second. These are your primary tasks and alone, they consume most of your working hours whether you have a large staff or you are a staff of one. Instead, take that second or if you need more time, take a minute to think about all the time you and your firm spend supporting your main tasks. If you ask me, I’d say retrieving medical records is the single most time consuming aspect and biggest headache in my day. Sure, there are other parts of my day that send me to Tylenol, but requesting, managing and retrieving medical records is the productivity killer of all productivity killers. Hour after hour are gobbled up filling out forms, sending initial requests, following up and verifying the records are correct. What about getting those records and documents you have archived, wasting time hunting for those records that may be in storage? These are wasted hours that could be spent productively on your primary work.

According to a survey by International Data Corporation (IDC), wasted time costs an organization approximately $20,000 per worker per year and amounts to a loss of 21% to your company’s productivity. For a company with a 1,000 people, addressing productivity time wasters would be equivalent to hiring 213 new employees.1

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Grab and Go

Having the tools to retrieve records and documents rapidly and securely should be as simple and accessible as grabbing a cup of coffee from any convenience store. Record Grabber is just that. It’s the grab and go convenience store for all your records. Well, sort of. Record Grabber is in the cloud and it’s singular location is accessible from anywhere on the planet. It is the seamless combination of technology and information to eliminate the headaches of requesting, storing and retrieving records and documents so you’re not reaching for the Tylenol. And it eliminates all that wasted time so if you want, you can prove Jeb right. Plus, Record Grabber has the added benefit of boosting your company’s ROI.

The Whole Shebang

Record Grabber games the system. We’ve got HIPPA down pat and know our way around the health Industry like the back of our hands to provide you with those critical medical records you need yesterday. And, once we have them, we store them for you in our secure, vault-like cloud so your client’s privacy remains private. When you need them in the future, you don’t need to waste your time digging them out of your digital archives or file cabinets. Just go to Record Grabber, logon and in a flash you’ve got the records right there on your desk. Talk about putting a huge dent in all that wasted time and person-hours.

What better way to trump your record management!

1 Melissa Walker, Bridging the Information Worker Productivity Gap: New challenges and Opportunities for IT. ©2012 IDC

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