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The Value of A Medical Chronology & Summary

A medical chronology and summary is immensely helpful in understanding a person’s medical history and treatment from start to finish. More than that, there are clear benefits to your client. Above all, good quality and succinct medical chronologies and summaries are proven to deliver faster resolution and higher success rates.

What’s the importance?


Legal teams don’t have to sort through potentially hundreds of pages of medical records, sometimes spanning over years or decades. Insurance claims and cases going through the court system can take months or years! Anything that can speed up this process and deliver clear evidence is helpful.

Clarity based on facts only approach.

The elimination of personal opinion – even professional opinion – helps bring clarity to a claim or case. As a result, these documents list only the facts which reduce the grey areas over which lawyers may argue in interpreting minor details.

Wide audience.

Designed to be easy to read, they can be understood by people in a wide range of services and sectors including insurance and legal, many of whom will not have the background in medical treatment and procedures. Therefor when information is simplified, it is difficult for anyone to confuse or misinterpret the details.

Full disclosure.

This type of document focuses on medical details, treatments, medications, dates, and so on. This means it will provide a full list of treatment and surgery in a concise and detailed yet shortened report highlighting not just the key issues, but all relevant issues. With full disclosure, it is possible to make a fully informed decision for whatever issue is presently being investigated.


They’re useful to a wide variety and range of professionals. It provides full details of a medical history for medical professionals and a list of all treatments that the patient has received when it comes to an insurance claim. For lawyers involved in speaking for the client, it provides a full list of everything necessary in the patient’s care.

Quick and easy settlement.

Without a medical summary, insurance or court settlements will take more time and incur more cost to everyone. So it would mean sorting through many lengthy medical records looking for relevant information. A Medical Chronology and Summary are no more than 5-6 pages and list everything that interested parties will need to know.

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