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The Value in Having a Personal Account Manager

As a provider of medical record retrieval services, you get much more from Record Grabber. Over the years, we have developed our services to provide a complete solution to your security, storage and retrieval needs. One of the greatest advantages of using Record Grabber is the use of a dedicated Account Manager. When you interact with us, you won’t end up communicating with a different person each time; we understand how that can create frustration and slow down your case. For the healthcare medical record industry, speed and accuracy are of the essence, but so is attention to the client’s needs.

Your Account Manager is Human

This not something that most businesses or customers can rely on these days. The advances of AI have been great for work processing, but nothing can ever replace having a human being to handle your record retrieval requests. Your dedicated Account Manager is a human who will know all your history and be able to chase up issues and answer questions personally. You will also have the same dedicated Account Manager, so you don’t need to continue explaining your problems to new people. When you ask to speak to that certain person, you get them every time.

We know You and Your Requests

At Record Grabber, you’re not just another number. You won’t get passed through a system, randomly assigned to one of our operatives each time you make contact, even moments apart. We’ve already stated that you get a dedicated Account Manager. But more than that, they treat your unique requests with respect and due consideration you require as an individual. No two clients of Record Grabber are the same and we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to how me manage our services or operate them for clients.

Chat in Portal for Quick Response

Other services that provide a dedicated Account Manager don’t always make it easy. The telephone is one option but if they’re not available, it can take some time to get a response back. Similarly, we understand the real feel of your emails going ignored. Instead of the telephone and email system, we have a chat portal through which you can speak to your dedicated Account Manager. He or she will be on hand to answer your chat request response at the first available opportunity. Please be advised though that Record Grabber’s operating hours are 8am-5pm Eastern Time.


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