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The Need for Elder Law

The population is aging fast. Government statistics estimate that by the year 2035, the number of age 65+ will outnumber under 18s. It’s good news because it shows advances in modern health provisions improve not just longevity, but quality of life too. With changing health needs come changing legal needs. Elder Law services are no longer a niche, practiced by specialist law firms, but mainstream.


What Is Elder Law?

It’s important to note that Elder Law is no longer defined by the firm, but by your clients. If you are increasingly finding demand for wills and legacies, specialist healthcare coverage, disability, and power of attorney, you practice Elder Law. If you are involved in cases of patient neglect, estate inheritance, and retirement preparation, you practice Elder Law.


How to Position Your Practice for Elder Law

Consider Courses and Certificates

There is now a range of certification programs for helping you improve Elder Law skills. Specifically, CLE resources help you improve your skills in this area. Once certified, you may advertise your business as having specific skills relating to Elder Law. Some provide access to referral networks to help funnel those potential clients.


Networking Events

At such events, you won’t just meet other lawyers. Elder Law is a growing area attracting medical professionals, care and nursing service professionals, accountants, practice managers and others. This is a great way to raise your profile among people who work with the elderly every day. Therefore, it’s a great way to seek potential new clients among the elderly and those who work with them.


Remain in Touch with Past Clients

This should be standard practice for any professional. Staying in touch with past clients, even through simple email marketing, keeps them mindful of your presence and services. As they get older, they will return to lawyer with whom they had past positive experiences. Nurturing past clients is cheaper than constantly reaching out to new clients.


Think About Extra Services

Extra services drive organic, less sales-minded people to your business.

  • Drive traffic to your website through publishing informative and helpful written content for people to find
  • Similarly, articles in local press or magazines targeted at your audience. Free advice is always welcome
  • Offer regular free events offering simple advice, or get involved in non-professional community activity
  • Create an informal environment to welcome seniors including wheelchair accessibility

All these increase your visibility and present a positive image of your firm.


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