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Successful Lawyers Network

Successful lawyers network.  So what are the major contributing factors to word of mouth marketing for successful lawyers? Successful cases are certainly one. Another is being present and a visible force in the local community. The third is networking. However, this is not just about connecting with other lawyers. Just as important is connecting with contractors, local businesses, and even your social group. In an age of social media and conferencing, nothing beats face-to-face networking. That’s because success in this business is about relationships more than anything else.

It’s All About Social Selling

Arguably the outreach method of 2019, social selling is about forging genuine connection. It has gradually replaced other forms of marketing due to its authenticity and driven in part by Influencer Marketing. With social selling, the relationship is the primary engagement. It’s about as soft selling as a business can get. In fact, the financial rewards of traditional marketing are now less important than being seen as a trustworthy and affable contact.

It’s About Being Helpful

Networking is about making contacts, but it’s also about mutual assistance. Offering help over a small matter now could potentially lead to work and clients down the line. You should never help somebody with the expectation of getting something in return of course. Being helpful is part of human’s need for social meaning. Such opportunities can lead to client referrals as a trusted and respected contact.

Networking is Everywhere

Do you believe networking involves going away for a three-day expo and coming back with a large stack of business cards having wasted time and money? Or the local Bar Association social event? That is an outdated view of networking. In fact, every time you talk to somebody, you are potentially networking. Getting into conversation at the golf club or the spa will sometimes lead to professional discussion and a surprising new contact.

Make Time for Everyone

That includes delivery drivers, suppliers, even the office next door. All these measures create a network and could potentially lead to business opportunities. Even if they are not looking for your services, they may know somebody who will. Sometimes, a business relationship comes from personal rapport and goodwill.

Without personal rapport and working relationships, a business in any industry is hampering its ability to attract clients. In the legal profession, that rapport and engagement is critical because we provide a personal service primarily about people. When a lawyer’s focus is on being helpful, knowledgeable, approachable and open, they attract more clients through natural means.

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