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The Mine Fields of State Laws. Use Record Grabber Instead.


The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic of 50 states and various external interests. That means as well as a large number of Federal regulations, there are also state laws and regulations with regard to the following:

  • Medical record storage, how they should be stored and how long to keep them
  • Medical record retrieval, how they could be accessed, who may or may not access them, and the procedures for doing so
  • The costs associated with medical record storage and retrieval
  • Other paperwork and red tape additional to HIPAA and HITECH


The Problems

As each state sets its own additional regulations, when dealing with firms or patients based out of state, you need to understand the complexity that may delay conclusion of each case. Rarely are two cases the same meaning variation in red tape and costs. The more there is, the longer a case will take. The longer a case will take, the more costs there will be.

There is little that you can do to negotiate the various legal requirements per state, but you can alleviate the problems by using Record Grabber.


A Brief Cost Comparison

Of course, regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH are Federal. Everybody must comply fully with these laws. This is the easy part. The difficult part is ensuring that you also comply with state law which may differ considerably even in adjoining states. One of the biggest differences is cost. Some states have clearly defined costs and others do not.

For example, Alabama charges a $5 search fee, $1 per page between pages 1 and 25 and $0.50 for pages 26 and up. For x-rays and other media, you will pay the actual cost of reproduction (whatever that may be). Arizona and Hawaii have not set charge.


Record Grabber is The Solution

These costs can add up over time, and you need to be aware of changes in the law at all times.

Understanding laws, prospective and actual changes in the law can take time and money. For straightforward cases, you are unlikely to experience any real issues. The problem is that most patients do not have a simple medical history. They are complex and you may need to request records from multiple authorities.

This is where Record Grabber can help. We represent real time cost and time saving for medical professionals. We have a simple process that speeds up claims and puts more money in the pocket of the client.

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