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Running with an Umbrella

Never Leave Home Without It

Most of us who run prefer running or jogging distance at our convenience instead of sprinting to the nearest shelter when taken by surprise by a sudden deluge. Yes, some folks may carry an umbrella so they don’t need to dash for shelter, though carrying an umbrella is a nuisance at best unless you’re from the school of thought that states one is never fully dressed without an umbrella.

Who hasn’t been caught in a deluge (they even have the occasional deluge in southern California)? Whether it’s a deluge of rain or work, most of us are usually unprepared unless we’ve been warned in advance.

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Running the distance

When running the distance, there is plenty of time to prepare your case, to round up the all the documentation, the witnesses, the depositions, write, rewrite and rewrite some more to make sure your complaint or petition is letter perfect. Then there are those times when you’ve got to act fast. Even with a large staff at your disposal, you’ve got to be prepped, now! Or, in the final review before you present your case you find some documents are missing and/or there’s new information that has to be gathered and verified. If you don’t have a large staff or you are doing it by yourself, then it is almost impossible to take on the client or gather, verify and incorporate the new information into your complaint.


There’s no need to go into the eleventh hour only to discover some files and records whether digital or physical are misplaced. Or, that last minute eureka moment in court (I’ve watched too many Perry Mason episodes) and you need to get hold of that file or record now. We all know that presenting a case is about details and integrating the details into a cohesive and persuasive argument that’s airtight. Much like the daily 5 mile jog at a steady pace. Prepping a case is certainly no 100 meter dash.

But! If you do find you’ve gotta dash, make sure you’ve got your umbrella handy so you don’t get soaked.

Avoid Getting a Soaking

How to prevent a soaking when dashing to prepare a case for yesterday and you’re not a character in a scripted TV series? Outsourcing. Well, not entirely, not sure if you can outsource your accumulated knowledge, analytical skills and your mind, though no doubt soon there’ll be an app for that. Outsourcing is the umbrella that completes your outfit and without which you will get a soaking.

As I’ve mentioned before and will mention again, hopefully not ad nauseum, one of the most harrowing and time-consuming parts of the prep is corralling all those support records. This is where outsourcing is indispensable. Using a company that specializes in getting, validating, delivering and storing records, leaves you free to concentrate on organizing and preparing your case, even when it is due yesterday. The costs of using an outside company to secure and store you documentation are minimal when you compare them to the amount of time you yourself or your staff waste when you do it in house. While there are plenty of companies that will chase down the records and documents you need, not all are cloud-based, an important consideration when you’ve mislaid an important medical record (it happens), discover it’s missing when you’re in court, learn the record has been updated and you need it instantly. Only with cloud-based companies, can you download the record there and then instead of sending an email and waiting for the reply with the attached record or waiting for the company to send it with a messenger.

The Bespoke Umbrella

Too busy dashing through deluges to find the company that is ideal for you? No worries, if you’re reading our blog or happened upon it, then take some time to look us over or contact us and we’ll explain how only the best dressed, never leave home without their umbrella.


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