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Ahead of the Game: Retrieving Medical Records

That persnickety E. Coli is on the attack again.  This time those little bacterium are attacking Chipotle Mexican Grill and their customers in six states—so far. 43 people and counting have contracted E. Coli 026 and the CDC is still hunting for the source of contamination. The only solution: Either avoid Chipotle Mexican Grills in the affected states or all together until the CDC determines the source of contamination.

Overshadowed by the Chipotle Mexican Gill high profile E. Coli 026 outbreak is the ongoing outbreak of Salmonella Poona linked to imported cucumbers from Baja. Wonder if the proposed wall would stop them.


So far, Salmonilla Poona has killed four people and sickened 838 people in 38 states. Voluntary recalls were issued by the wholesalers and most of those cukes were removed from store shelves and restaurant kitchens.  Nonetheless, salmonella contaminated cucumbers may still be in circulation in grocery stores around the country since the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service did not order the wholesalers or retailers to recall the imported, contaminated Cukes.  The only solution to the outbreak: toss your cucumbers and replace them with cucumbers grown in the U.S.A.

Obviously, these aren’t the first E. Coli and salmonella outbreaks, nor are they the last.  At RECORD GRABBER, we monitor the CDC and other info sources for all consumer health issues, including global outbreaks, constantly.  We are devoted to and involved in rapidly collecting and processing medical records for patients affected by past E. Coli, salmonella outbreaks of contaminated food products and outbreaks of life threatening diseases and procedures.  Our rapid retrieval and vetting of medical records are critical for both patients and their representative law firms, ensuring complete understanding of the outbreak and subsequent illnesses and consequences, along with ensuring transparent and impartial access to the primary evidence: the medical records.

When your law firm finds itself representing a party in a food-bourne illness case, Count on Record Grabber to be your medical records partner. On low and high volume, and low and high profile cases, our experience and success is unmatched and our turnaround time for production of records is the best in the industry.

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