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Responsiveness & Fast Turnaround Time

Medical records and chronologies and summaries help dispute resolution, insurance settlements, and legal cases. Regardless of the reason for needing records, a responsive communicator and a fast turnaround time is vital. Record Grabber aims to deliver your request within three weeks of the receipt date. We understand how vital it is that we deliver a fast turnaround time and we strive to maintain the three-week average.


Responsiveness is Good Customer Service

We believe that the key to the success of any organization is to pay attention to its customer needs. That starts with a simple acknowledgment of receipt and answering all emails in a fast and efficient manner. Letting the customer know that you are paying attention to their needs is a vital step. We respond to your request as quickly as possible and aim to deliver in an excellent time frame.


A Fast Turnaround Time Aids Positive Resolution

The faster a holder of electronic records can respond, the fewer delays there are in a legal or insurance resolution, and the greater chance there is a for a positive outcome for all concerned. Customer service isn’t just about paying attention to the customer’s initial request but demonstrating an understanding of needs, being responsive, and returning what is requested.


The Secondary Factors

Neither the patient, the lawyer or insurer, nor the record storage organization exists in a bubble. Sometimes, there are secondary factors that require attention. Employers may want proof of an ongoing medical case so the employee may continue to receive benefits while recovering.

Sometimes, an employee’s job depends on how fast we can access and deliver information and so might their care and their ability to pay any bills. People with serious injuries and claims rely on a fast resolution to ensure receipt of compensation.

Businesses, regardless of the industry, look to build and maintain a professional reputation. There are few aspects of a business’ operation that are more important than responding to customers in a timely manner and having a fast turnaround.


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