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Record Retrieval Management


Why is Record Grabber easy to use? The answer is simple, we take the record retrieval process and make it manageable. We take the unnecessary setbacks that you would encounter and work through them for you, making the process painless and simple for you to reap the benefits afterward. Our team of professionals make it a priority to make the process simple with integrated technology that makes it quicker for you to download and receive the requested records.

Many people complain that looking into a 3rd party or outsourcing medical records doesn’t save them time or money. They complain that there are hidden fees not addressed and that they could retrieve the records faster themselves and receive the correct records. These factors are often what deter people from reaching out and requesting assistance from a 3rd party source. This does not have to be the case for everyone, and shouldn’t be.

Record Grabber is a medical record retrieval service that specializes in quality customer service and the integration of technology into the retrieval process. We address all of the previous concerns and correctly implement them within our business process to make sure the customer is completely satisfied with our service. Below are steps we take to ensure a simple and painless process:

1. We save time and money for customers by providing a streamlined technology that allows customers to submit a request and have it processed within 24 hours and have their requested records within approximately two weeks.

2. We have no hidden fees because we pay the provider fee up front and send you a notification if the provider fees will be over $200 to make sure you are still willing to retrieve the records, and by doing this it allows you to add the provider fees into the case so you never lose money.

3. Handling your medical record retrieval yourself is time consuming, from the phone calls to the follow-ups you waste valuable time during your day. We take the time consuming process out of your hands and allow you to really work and focus on what is important, your business.

Record Grabber manages the hardest part of the retrieval process to make your life easier saving you money, time, and the hassle of dealing with providers and invoices. By making the retrieval process manageable we make the process easier for customers to do. At Record Grabber we believe that record retrieval should be easy, and we make the process easier for our customers through the integration of technology and the superior customer service.

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