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Record Grabber: More Than a Medical Record Retrieval Service

Medical record storage and retrieval are not the most exciting of subjects. However, it is a necessity. To an outsider, any single provider may be just like any other. But that minimizes the value of a provider’s unique services to their clients. Here at Record Grabber, we are focused strongly on providing a good service that customers can rely on time and time again.


The Personal Service

We understand that professional healthcare organizations require an element of the personal. When things go wrong, or when you encounter a difficult issue, you need to know that you can rely on your provider not just to treat you as another cog in the machine. You need a service that will treat your case, your issue, your unique difficulties with the individual concern that it deserves for quick resolution. The more attentive your provider, a faster resolution is more likely.


Unusual Record Types

Some services offer access to and storage of medical records in line with HIPAA. The problem is that this is all they offer. Thankfully, we understand that clients just like you often need diverse and unusual records, the types of information that do not always come as standard. For a complete knowledge base and a proper resolution, you’ll need access to more than medical records for an impending court case: cellphone records, police reports, employment history and insurance details.


Chronologies & Summaries

Sometimes, all you need is a quick list of the key points such as those contained in a chronology (a timeline of important events) or a summary (a brief report – no more than a few pages, listing the most pertinent details). You do not have the time or the inclination sort through hundreds of documents. Rest assured that any time you need a Medical Summary or a Medical Chronology, Record Grabber can provide one.


Eternal Storage

Your records remain in our database forever. That saves time and effort in searching for records, and peace of mind they’ll be there when you need them. We destroy physical records when they are no longer needed, and based on HIPAA guidelines. Sometimes, a case can resurrect years after a resolution. Our solution takes care of this, so you need not worry about whether a record has run its course.


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