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Record Grabber: At a Glance


Record Grabber, LLC, founded in January 2014, was established to give law firms and insurance companies a simple, fast and reliable way to retrieve medical records.  Record Grabber is a growing company that is run by Trent and Ned Van Emon, father and son. Ned provides guidance and accounting advice as a CPA. He has an extensive business background as a former partner for 36 years in an accounting firm located in Indianapolis. Trent oversees daily business decisions and operations. He is a graduate of Indiana University with a bachelors degree in International Studies and Languages. He has previously worked in the military and in sales before founding Record Grabber. The  office is located on the Northeast side of Indianapolis, IN.  With vast research, coupled with guidance and support from family and friends, Trent and Ned began Record Grabber as the only flat fee medical record retrieval company on the market.


At Record Grabber, we pride ourselves on our prompt and available customer service. Our Operations Manager, Alexa Zeller, is available via email to answer any questions customers have, at any time of the day. Record Grabber processes requests nationwide, which allows our team to retrieve your records efficiently from our vast provider base. Our operations team processes each request within 24 hours of submission, allowing the provider to immediately begin working on handling your requests. Alexa contacts all customers the minute any problems arise when requesting and retrieving records. Our team checks all provider fees to ensure HIPAA guidelines per state are being followed, allowing customers to avoid unnecessary charges.

Record Grabber’s innovative technology gives customers a streamlined service, relieving the burden of ordering, retrieving and digitizing necessary records. Our website allows customers to see their request being followed-up-on on a real time basis. Our operations team diligently follows up on all requests  in order to expedite the process of retrieving your records. All records are checked for completion and accuracy before being uploaded to the customer’s HIPAA compliant and secure cloud storage portal, where customers can download their medical records.
Record Grabber strives to protect the privacy and information of all clients. Our office is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) in order to protect your Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in the digital world.

Are you done paying extra fees for certification, copy and expedite fees? Record Grabber will never charge you more for these options. Our flat fee of $35 includes retrieving your medical and billing records from the same provider and certification, if necessary. Record Grabber will never make our customers sign service contracts, we do not want you to feel stuck in a contract. Record Grabber wants to earn your business by offering a cost efficient and simple manner for requesting records.

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