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Outsourcing Record Retrieval vs. Hiring Internally

Changes to how we work means outsourcing is now important for most businesses. In the medical record retrieval and storage industry, that relationship is even more important. Ongoing security is needed with the regular updates to HIPAA, for example. There are many reasons medical organizations move to outsource record retrieval and storage. From lawyers to hospitals, clinics and single practitioners, outsourcing streamlines and saves time and money.


Fewer Employees

The largest single cost for any business are employee salaries and benefit packages. There are two major financial benefits of outsourcing record storage and retrieval related to this. First, you don’t need to employ people for the administrative tasks of storing, overseeing, and securing your records. Secondly, your existing employees are freed up to do other things. Therefore, streamlining your workforce to do what they do best, meaning greater productivity and job satisfaction.


Lower Training Costs

While you can never eliminate the cost of employee training, you can avoid unnecessary costs. With in-house record storage, even an experienced employee will need time to train on your in-house procedures. Depending on your state this could mean certification and licensing. Therefore by outsourcing your storage, you eliminate the need for all of this. Once again, your skilled employees are free to pursue tasks that benefit your business.


Less Office Space

Record storage and retrieval requires physical space. For paper copies, that means a storage room which will only grow over time. For digital copies, that means a server room. In both cases, this is physical space that could be given over to something else. As a result, the costs of setting up and maintaining such physical or virtual space is potentially immense. Have you factored in the costs of adapting rooms, and securing and maintaining them?


Lower Technology Costs

We’ve already discussed the need for server space. However, record storage and retrieval has other technology costs. You might need to invest in specialist software and security packages. Then there is the hidden cost of a cyber attack which could happen even with effective procedures in place all the time. These costs are all but eliminated and the risks reduced to minimal when outsourcing record retrieval and storage.


There are many more benefits to outsourcing your record retrieval and storage. 

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