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Our Database of Providers Helps Us Get Your Records Faster

In the past, our blogs have focused on the financial benefits in the form of cost savings when working with us. The risks of data breach and the most common ways data is lost or stolen has been another focus. There are other ways in which working with Record Grabber can benefit you. Another benefit of using Record Grabber is our extensive database of providers. This allows us to retrieve records more efficiently and expeditiously.


Large Database of Providers

Record Grabber has built a solid relationship with providers over the years. We have many providers in our database and once added they are there forever. There is a strong chance we have had a working relationship with the provider you want records from. One of the most important reasons for using our services – they work with us because they know that we provide a reliable service. The providers remain responsive and continue working with us because of our reliability.


Professional Relationships

Furthermore, these years of professional working relationships, meticulously building contacts have provided us with experience and knowledge. One of these perks is a streamlined service built on professional understanding. We know their preferred method of contact (fax, email, phone) and what it takes to speed up a process. Record Grabber has built relationships with many billing and records departments, so they are willing and able to help us retrieve records.


Record Grabber Streamlines the Process

Record Grabber is a record retrieval and storage specialist service. It’s our job to understand the needs and schedules of the various organizations that work in this industry. Approaches may be different and so might the understanding of how urgently a case needs information. With many people requesting records, it can take time to retrieve records. The providers may work in chronological order of receipt which may not be fast enough for you. We can bypass that due to our professional working relationship.

Working with Record Grabber means taking the stress and complication out of record retrieval. It means a streamlined process, faster resolution, and most importantly – an advantage of our experience and database of providers.

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