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Why the EMR Trail is Easier to Follow

Keeping track of an individual patient’s medical records can be hard work. Few legal or insurance cases are rarely simple. Most time is used (or wasted) searching for old records. When information is split between multiple bases– a clinic, with their lawyer and with their insurance supplier, it can waste time. Paper trails can cause headaches but an electornic medical record trail is much easier to follow.


Better Cataloging

There are many searchable terms with electronic medical records. This means it’s easier to check, search, cross-reference, and catalog. This is often an important part of chasing a legal or insurance case for a customer. You can search groups of records with electronic medical records much faster than you can with paper. Outsourcing your record retrieval will streamline this process for you.


“Lost” Records are Easily Found

Human error is costly. All it takes is to file a patient whose surname begins with “M” in N in a paper record and the time delays are potentially significant. Electronic medical records do not work this way. Human errors are possible; however, there are other checks a user can carry out to find a record. You can search by other details such as case number or policy number if a name search doesn’t come up.


One Source Means Easier Tracing

Relying on others to provide information in a timely manner is the biggest hindrance to case resolution. Problems in the filing, lost or missing records, and misplaced files are all compounded when others also struggle to find records. Too many sources slow the process and make it harder to have the swift resolution that everybody requires. When you reduce the number of sources to one digital cloud storage system, the process is faster.


Easier Disaster Recovery Means Fewer Gaps

Once a paper record is destroyed in an accident, it’s gone forever. Unless you are in the habit of making several copies, this could be a problem if a case is not resolved. A broken paper trail with gaps can slow down the process of a case resolution. These gaps are much less likely with an electronic medical record trail. Cloud storage uses backup systems to make retrieval, storage and search easier.

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