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Learning Tools for Lawyers: Part 2, Paid Software

It’s a true that we get what we pay for. Free learning tools for lawyers will help with most of your functions most of the time. But sometimes, you need special tools and training to upskill. When free packages are not enough, turn to some of these incredible paid-for services for a little extra.



Praktio is one of the biggest names in law tools, founded by lawyers, for lawyers. It’s the brainchild of Michael L. Bloom who harnessed the power of gamification for online interactive training. It teaches a range of practical skills including drafting, analysis, and negotiation. Bloom says it’s the ideal place for new (and experienced) lawyers to make mistakes in contract law to avoid making them in the real world. It has a practical Deal Simulator where users can set up a virtual deal, gamified proofreading, and programs for entrepreneurs.

Visit Praktio’s website.



This paid resource provides access to a wide variety of training courses, not just in law. From practical upskilling courses for general training, formal qualifications and even degrees, there are few databases with as much depth as the Coursera website. It harnesses a large number of virtual courses available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Are you looking to study International Law in Action in Germany? You can without having to leave the country; it also lists courses available locally. Joining is free, but the courses must be paid for.

Visit Coursera’s website.


American Bar Association

The ABA is the country’s most prestigious law association, representing everyone regardless of their specialty. It should be, in most cases, the first port of call for new information happening in the legal industry. That also applies to education and training. They are the accreditation body for legal training in the US and provide a full directory of all courses. Not just academic undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, but also certification and license and helping lawyers upskill and retrain.

Visit the American Bar Association’s website.



Technology is such an intrinsic part of life. Law may have largely been unaffected as a profession, but increasingly, new graduates are having to prove themselves technologically adept. But older members of staff may not be adept need training. Procertas offers technology assessment for legal professionals, ensuring they are up to date with the basic technological requirements. Their main package is “LTA” – Legal Technology Assessment, providing training in Microsoft Office and working with PDF files as necessary tools of the modern law trade.

Visit Procertas’ website.


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