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Why cases take so long to process

If you’ve been in this business as long as we have, you’ll understand that there are major hurdles to a swift case resolution. Clients, along with organizations representing them, would prefer to complete cases quickly, but it rarely happens that way. The most common hurdles and barriers to a swift case resolution come up repeatedly.


There is Too Much Else To Do

Today, every workplace is a high-pressure environment. Fewer employees are now expected to do the work of multiple people. Understaffing is at an all-time high. Downsizing is no longer something that we worry about, but expect. That means more pressure on your existing employees that create a backlog for you.



It’s necessary and we understand why it’s necessary. It’s also legally required that we all follow the rules set down in HIPAA. But that doesn’t mean it is not a hurdle to swift case resolution. Data protection of civilian data is one of the world’s most important security issues today, and for good reason.


State Laws

HIPAA is a Federal law, but there are also state laws that slow down the process of swift case resolution. When working across state lines and borders, you run the risk of breaking laws in those states without full knowledge. Neighbors can have different standards on sharing, protection, costing and file limits. Adhering to these takes time.


Paperwork Volume

The average case generates a surprising amount of paperwork. Even the simple cases can have records going back years or decades, especially if a case is related to ongoing health problems. Storing this requires space, but processing it requires careful filing and knowing where it is at all times.


Waiting on Everybody Else

A medical case involves multiple parties – the medical professionals, their administrative employees, the insurance provider, the legal provider and the patient. With the sheer number of steps involved, we learn to live with the expectation of complications. We learn to live with the expectation of delay and waiting for the relevant people to do their part of the work. But things need not be that way.


The Key to Swift Case Resolution

Have you considered outsourcing your record retrieval? These five pain points above can be prohibitive to swift case resolution and sometimes, to your bottom line profit too. Record Grabber offers a simple and cost-effective solution that frees up your employees to do the work for which you employed them. We understand this business and streamline our services to be a help and not another burden.

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