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Keeping up with State Medical Record Copy Fees

Shopping around for a record retrieval company is a real pain. Qualifying that you are getting the best coverage and up-to-date data security standards with your provider is key. One thing you may not have considered is if your record retrieval company keeps up with the statutory state medical record copy fees. With Record Grabber, we are diligent in ensuring we remain up to date to get our clients the best prices possible.


Fees are Subject to Change

When a health care provider, law firm, health insurance company or other entity that may require regular access to patient data, you will pay for this service based on legal requirement. Organization service charges are subject to negotiation and tailored service. Part of that cost will include the statutory charge for accessing State Medical Records. Each state government is responsible for setting its own fees and these are subject to change. Unless the cost goes up significantly, you are unlikely to see much of a change in your provider fees, even when the cost goes down.

But keeping a regular check on what each state charges as a statutory fee for access can help save your organization money by reducing your costs. Cost calculations structure can even change. Some apply limits to the cost while others do not.


The Varying State-By-State Cost

Each state in the US has its own costs. For example, Alabama state charges $1 per page for anything up to 25 pages. Anything beyond that is charged at $0.50c per page and a search fee of $5. In Pennsylvania, there is a search and retrieval fee of $21.69, a $1.46 charge for pages 1-20, $1.08 for pages 21-60 and $0.36 per page from page 61 onwards. This is just two states. Although most are simple and well-defined, it can be complex to navigate the total cost. What may seem like a simple costing is not necessarily the cheapest from your provider. That’s before you get to specific records such as x-rays, anything stored on microfiche or specialist data.

As with everything, it’s important to shop around and compare prices and level of service. It’s nice to not have any surprises when it comes to state medical record copy fees. Ensure that your medical record retrieval company is up to date.


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