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In-House Record Retrieval Complications

Businesses must do all they can in these modern times to cut costs. That’s understandable; it’s partly why big investments are taken at the executive level with large cost analyses. Yet in the modern healthcare industry, organizations must ask of themselves not whether they can afford to outsource their record retrieval, but whether they can afford the time and resource investment of in-house record retrieval and storage. Record Grabber has the solution.


Overwhelmed Staff

The modern workplace can be summed up in one sentence, “do more with less.” Your employees at all levels are expected to learn more and take less time to do it in. For the healthcare sector, that means a greater potential for data breaches which means fines under HIPAA audit. With an overstretched workforce, in-house record retrieval is time better spent doing other work. Countless hours are wasted on following up, making repeat phone calls, and sitting on hold while contacts check information.


Unresponsive Providers

Too much time is wasted chasing providers who have not filled a request. Everyone’s work may be delayed when a promised phone call does not arrive. Your employee must then use some of their valuable time to call the contact again, or compose an email, and wait for a response. The more time spent chasing records is less time dedicated to the processes of their actual job. In-house record retrieval could not only delay cases, but lead to mistakes, misplaced data, and a data breach.


Record Destruction

Record destruction is a legal necessity; unfortunately, it’s time-consuming and prone to complications and risks. Older shredders can break down and not shred documents as well as a larger, professional shredder that can handle high volumes. Some need to be stored before shredding if the person responsible has other duties or limited to the amount of time they may shred. Improperly shredded documents increase the risk of theft or loss, leading to a HIPAA violation.


Why You Need to Outsource Record Retrieval

All these complications for in-house record retrieval are wasted hours for your employees and your organization. It’s always better to outsource. Record Grabber not only keeps electronic data safe from theft or loss, but we also free up time for your employees to get on with the processes of their jobs. Also, with the strong professional links we have forged with others in our industry, we retrieve records faster.


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