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Importance of Automation in Speeding up Your Processes

Automation and streamlining processes is where it’s at right now for so many industries. But rather than resisting or ignoring AI, but believing it irrelevant, the legal profession is well-placed to benefit from automation technology. Your workflow depends on both the practical legal work and the small jobs that are easy to forget or take for granted. When your internet goes down, the printer breaks or you run out of paper, your productivity suffers.


Start With Office Design

Most office designs focus on placing as much into the space as possible. Little thought goes into the practicalities of workflow and enabling the technical aspects of automation. Formal offices are making way to collaborative workspaces. Separate printer and photocopier rooms, once close to the server, should be closer to those who need them. When you design your workspace with the practicalities of automation in mind, it is so much easier to build other automated systems around it.


Intranet Community

Some law firms call it a “business wiki” or an information portal or just “the intranet”. Whatever you choose to call it, it should fulfill the same function. An online community, perhaps like Reddit is for the web, where employees go to ask questions or search for answers. This automated Cloud-based system means employees will not lose productivity when asking questions about common problems. It’s a great employee resource aiding the team to pull together while maintaining workflow.


The Internet of Things

Using a smartphone or your IT system to order stock is usually a manual process. IoT has many consumer benefits such as reordering common household items. What is less discussed are the many potential uses of stock monitoring and automatic reordering for business supplies. The principle is the same: your automated system will reorder toner and paper and other common supplies before they run out. Such a simple problem can impact your office productivity considerably.


Don’t Limit Your Case Management Software

Whether you use a custom-built management package or us one of the industry’s top and best-known Cloud-based systems, the principle is the same. If you’re not using your CMS for as many day-to-day processes as possible, you’re not getting the most benefit for the cost. Create projects inside the system for even the most mundane tasks and you’ll find improved productivity. It’s a great place for creating tasks, an FAQ (like the intranet community mentioned above) and for team collaboration.


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