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The Importance of Fast Retrieval for Your Case


Fast retrieval can be quite time consuming and downright exhausting. If you have been in this business a long time, you know how long things can take. You have come to expect that even simple cases takes months or years.  At Record Grabber, we know it takes more than the wave of a magic wand to speed things up. However, we know we can do our part in streamlining the process for all concerned.


Time Is Money

In this business, that counts doubly so. From the moment a claim begins, the costs begin to pile up. Sometimes, there is only a limited amount of insurance money. We prefer that this money does not go to legal and medical costs, but into the client’s pocket by providing a fast retrieval time. We know as well as you that legal costs come out of the client’s settlement. When the process is faster and more efficient, the client ends up with more.


Doing It Yourself Is A Drain

Many medical and legal professionals think they can save time and money by executing their record retrieval in house. Eventually, they learn that this business is a minefield. They realize that they did not factor in the amount of time, physical space, money and resources required to handle the records. The logistical nightmare leads to a general slowdown in processing cases. Record Grabber saves resources in ways you cannot always quantify.


Record Retrieval is a Learning Process

How long does it take an average intern to learn the job? At the beginning, they may be slow. It will take time to build experience. They will need to understand all of the finer detail and be prepared when things change. Record retrieval is like that too. With all the resources in the world, nothing can beat experience. Nothing can beat knowing all the finer points and understanding how a process works. We take the hard work and in so doing, speed up cases through using our experience.


Legal Process Is Slow

Each state has different rules and regulations, limits and costings on acquiring medical record copies. Learning and understanding, and ensuring you get it right every time, can be a massive time burden on your business – not to mention costly. A dedicated record retrieval firm understands the subtle nuances of Federal and each state’s laws, streamlining the process and speeding it up for everyone. Tracking is one of the slowest processes in this industry. Each case can potentially experience hundreds of phone calls before a case reaches completion.


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