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How to Effectively Market Your Law Firm

Part 2: Word of Mouth and Professional Networking

In the last post, we pointed out the necessity for businesses in any industry to have an online presence. However, this online presence should never be at the expense of marketing your law firm offline world or in the “real world”. The business of law is inextricably linked to the real world and that’s why you should also have a great marketing strategy to engage with people as individuals and as groups.


Apply for Ratings

Before you spend any money on marketing, check out the ways of improving the esteem of your business. Examples include quality markets such as achieving a 10.0 mark for Avvo (the online rating system) and other industry standards. These marks and awards suggest to potential clients that you are reliable, knowledgeable and professional. They will speak for themselves with very little effort required on your part as customers look for such marks of quality in making their decision to choose a law provider. This can go on marketing material, on your website, and promoted throughout your premises as a statement that this is a quality legal establishment. Such marks are great for branding because they are simple and memorable, and clients will tend to remember them.


Ask Clients for Web Reviews

There is no better marketing method than word of mouth, and few better for inbound marketing than genuine reviews, whether on the web or in trade publications. A glossy website, social media outreach, and a great content strategy could be wasted effort if potential new clients are unable to evaluate the quality of your services. Clients may find reviews on the various search engines, but also through professional service websites. Combined, they inform clients about the level of service and achievements, specialties, and firm culture. Just as any retail customer, reviews are often the first thing clients look for when vetting a law firm to represent them.



There is no better form of spreading the word than clients recommending your services to other potential clients. This is true for any business and one of the best ways to grow your business: reputation and the eagerness of others to spread it for you. People listen to their trusted contacts – whether it’s friends or family, colleagues, or contacts in other businesses. They will not always remember to suggest such a service to their contacts. That being why it’s so important for you to serve gentle reminders to your current clients. Questionnaires on “how we did”, or contract packs with documentation such as business card or a flyer asking that they recommend your firm to others if they feel they have had a generally good experience.


Improve Your Community Reputation

The first way of improving your community reputation include some of the most tried and tested methods for all industries. This includes joining trade associations and attending networking events. These aren’t just about increasing your visibility for clients within those networks (although they certainly help). It’s also about reaching out to colleagues and competitors to build a bond and meaning within the industry. This may not directly lead to clients, but increases the likelihood of referrals from contacts whose specialty differs from yours. If you’re visible, the chance of this type of referral is much higher.

Engagement with the public community is also a growing expectation, especially from millennials now entering the workplace. They expect businesses to act with integrity and ethically where possible. Typically, this means being seen caring about the local community, activities and events, and helping with funding or physical help. Sponsoring community events is a great way to raise your profile. As well as networking, it’s an easy form of advertising, but some clients like action as well as words. Having an ethical policy is a good idea and some clients will be drawn to you because of it.


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