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Preparing for the Future Living in Our Digital World


One of the main reasons you’ve decided not to outsource your record keeping and retrieval may be the perception that it is still uncommon. That may once have been true, but with new legislation and Federal government’s increased commitment to take HIPAA seriously, that trend is now reversing. As we look back on the recent history of the legal industry, we see that most changes have been for the better. When we shifted to digital from fully paper in the 1990s, it allowed even the smallest firms to get more done.


Digital Outsourcing Is an Opportunity

We have written extensively about the cost savings opportunities for businesses just like yours. It really cannot be overstated. However, there is another key advantage – profitability. Understandably, it is not easy to quantify outsourcing in terms of profitability, but there is a simple explanation. If you are a small to medium sized legal firm, you may not have the resources to take on large or complex cases. You may leave these to bigger firms and bypass a potentially rewarding case.


The Outsourcing Potential for Everybody

Although you may recognize these cases as potentially profitable, as a small or medium organization, you can’t usually wait for settlement being many years away. You also do not have the resources to devote to something so complex for so long. It isn’t just about the resources either. You have potential fines for missed deadlines because you are stretched to your absolute limit. This is why many businesses are turning to Record Grabber, and to outsourcing in general.

When you outsource a major chunk of your administrative work, you no longer need worry about the resource drain when taking on potentially long cases. Outsourcing will free up these resources to pursue the case and speed up the process of a settlement.


The Questions You Need to Consider

Record Grabber is an expert provider of medical record outsourcing. If you are already considering using our services, then there is a strong chance you experience the problems of in-house record retrieval and management already and wish to prepare for the future as we move to a more digital world.

Do your employees struggle retrieve records quickly and effectively?

Do your employees in charge of record retrieval have other tasks requiring their attention?

Are you unable to expand your premises without incurring prohibitive costs?

If the answer to any of the questions above is “yes” then you could benefit from outsourcing your record retrieval and storage.

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