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Future Proof Medical Record Retrieval

One of the drawbacks with medical record retrieval and  technology is that it becomes obsolete too quickly. Ten years is a long time in technology terms. This is why so many organizations within the medical and storage industry choose to use only paper. Is the belief that technology goes out of date fast preventing you from outsourcing your medical records storage?

Five Ways Outsourcing with Record Grabber is a Future Proof process for Medical Record Retrieval


No Need for Technological Upgrades

The cost associated with the overhaul of your in-house system can be immense. It is also disruptive, potentially for days. It is not just the financial cost of ensuring that your technological framework is sufficient, it is also logistically expensive. With Record Grabber, you do not need to worry about this disruption or the expense. We consistently invest in the most up to date technologies to deliver you an efficient medical record retrieval.


Record Grabber Adapts to HIPAA

Whether you keep paper or electronic records, HIPAA is a potential minefield. With constant change and new standards always in development, you need the infrastructure and human resources to keep up. Your comprehensively designed system, as thorough and as secure as it is, may become obsolete in a matter of days. Logistically, this can put a lot of strain on your resources and your medical record retrieval process. Record Grabber can handle the hard work.


Cloud and Mobile Proof

Cloud technology and mobile internet are here, now. In a fast-paced ever-changing world of legal medical record keeping. They are the future. Paper records are all but obsolete; old style electronic servers are giving way to the technologies of tomorrow. Cloud and mobile technology are future proof and with platforms designed with flexibility in mind. Now is the best time to move to outsourcing for your medical record retrieval.


Security is Future Proof

Methods of file encryption and other security protection methods that concern the mechanics of storage will also become obsolete as old threats become extinct and new threats emerge. Our ongoing system of protection, which is both HIPAA compliant and anticipates future changes, is the best system of protecting your records now and for whatever technologies will emerge tomorrow.


Keeps Up With Medical Requirements

We define “future proof” as something that is sufficient for the needs now but will not become obsolete with anticipated fundamental shifts in technology for tomorrow. The modern medical profession, no matter where they work, needs a system that works for them to help them deliver the medical excellence for which they strive. “Keeping up and staying ahead” is what we all need as we go through some big changes.


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