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Experience the Record Grabber Difference

If your organization has recently decided to outsource your record retrieval and storage, congratulations. It’s the first step to freeing up time and resources and noticing real long-term cost savings. You will find a lot of choice, but not all record retrieval and storage services are the same. This is the level of service you can expect from Record Grabber.


A Fast Turnaround

For cases to progress smoothly you need as fast a turnaround as possible. Few other service providers can boast Record Grabber’s high turnaround of 80% retrieval in under 30 days. There are rare instances where this takes longer, usually due to complications. We do our best to expedite the record retrieval process when requests are received to ensure fast turn around.


A Transparent Service

At Record Grabber, we pride ourselves on transparency from beginning to end. All notes relating to a request are always visible to the client. Therefore, you are not left in the dark on progress and there is no guesswork on your part or need to waste time on the phone. Also, we do not charge you until records are received. No hidden charges, we aim for cost transparency.


Ease of Communication

Did you find your current or previous record retrieval service difficult to communicate with? Were they slow to reply and each time it was from different people? That is not how Record Grabber works. You will have a dedicated Account Manager aware of the finer details of your case. We also provide a website chat feature and a direct line phone number. What’s more, you have 24/7 access to your client portal and the information is never deleted.


Chronology Services

Record Grabber is not just a record retrieval and storage solution. We offer a range of services to medical and legal professionals. Two types of document you might require in a case include the medical chronology and the medical summary. Record Grabber offers both types of record and service if needed.



Does your organization use common legal and medical packaged such as PP and Clio? Our service offers full integrations with both. Therefore, you will not experience the problems associated with packages that do not work together. We aim to deliver a simple and easy to use service, taking the stress out of the basic technological functions of the working processes.

The best part of it all is we don’t have our customers sign contracts. We don’t require a monthly minimum number of requests. We don’t charge any start-up fees!

Use Record Grabber as much as you want, whenever you want! Get started here.

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