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Electronic Medical Records equals a Faster Case Resolution

Record keeping is one of those areas where misconceptions exist about the switch from paper to electronic systems. These concerns prevent businesses from leaving the paper behind and making the switch to electronic records. The benefits of electronic medical records (EMRs) outweigh the drawbacks.



If you think that outsourcing to a third party EMR holder is expensive, have you When thinking about if medical records electronic makes sense, a cost analysis should be done. What is the total cost of stationery, paper, space required, storage, and the daily cost of maintaining records? Converting to electronic records saves more money than can even be realized. This passes a cost-benefit analysis for businesses. That is why they come to Record Grabber.


It’s important that patients are at the center of healthcare in their case. It’s also important that employees are comfortable with the systems they use every day. There is a belief that paper storage is user-friendly and therefore more efficient. Employees who feel they won’t keep up with change are often surprised at how quickly they adapt to new systems that have a primary focus of user-friendliness.


The threat of data loss and hacking is a real threat. Everyone needs to be on guard. It’s a myth that EMRs are less secure than paper. Once in the public domain, electronic and paper documents may be distributed. If stolen, Electronic Medical Records can be tracked down easily and removed from the web. All it takes to steal paper documents is somebody with unauthorized access to keys. Stealing electronic records requires technical knowledge.


There remains the belief that paper documents are more environmentally friendly. Most logging in North America today is sustainable is not true that it is more beneficial for the environment to maintain paper records. Servers consume electricity (largely fossil fuels) but the materials are used for many decades. Paper is a constant source, logging, cutting, transportation, use, and recycling.


The upheaval of switching your storage system can affect your organization in the short-term. However, the long-term benefits are numerous. Don’t be put off switching to EMR and outsourcing because of short-term pain. The long-term benefits mean a cheaper system, greater efficiency, less space, and faster case resolution.


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