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Captorra – Partner Highlight

Case Intake and Lead Conversion Software     Captorra

The Legal Tech Industry is an ever evolving landscape with new products, services and features that utilize technology to provide efficiency and cost saving measures to law firms. As a Record Retrieval service, Record Grabber fits in to the law firm’s process of obtaining medical records/bills for cases involving mass torts, personal injury, malpractice, nursing home neglect, etc. Every company has their niche, their service that they want to establish and integrate in to the part of each law firm’s daily operations. Captorra provides Case Intake and Lead Conversion Software to help their firms more quickly collect, qualify and sign up new clients all while providing the marketing intelligence to help them better direct their marketing dollars.

Captorra is the legal industry’s leading case intake application. It was initially designed in collaboration with multiple practices, including traditional personal injury and mass torts practices, but client demand expanded their offering into family law, bankruptcy and other consumer law practices. Basically, if your practice markets its legal services to individuals, Captorra could be just what you need.

Their clients are a great mix of heavy advertising, high volume personal injury practices as well as very selective boutique practices using Captorra to ensure they sign up the right cases for their practice. In addition to our great technology, our clients reply upon Captorra for our industry expertise and outstanding client service.

If you would like to learn more about Captorra click here. You can also contact them directly at 855-GO-INTAKE or

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