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5 Benefits of Remote Working for Legal Professionals

2018 was the year of remote working and the trend shows no sign of slowing in 2019. Essentially, it is the ability and framework to permit employees to work from home or another place. For example, an employer in New York can have employees in Los Angeles without issue. Driven by technology such as the Cloud, remote working is changing how we work and remote working for legal professionals is becoming a norm.


Talent Pool Not Geographically Limited

The legal profession is tough and firms need access to the best available talent. The traditional static workplace means hiring is geographically limited to a reasonable area. A small number may be willing to relocate. With remote working, you can employ a person several states away (time zone permitting). Harnessing the best employees for your legal team is potentially limitless.


Remote Working Removes Commute Issues

To employees in any job, the commute – no matter how short – is the most stressful part of the workday. Eliminating the commute entirely provides several advantages. Lateness is reduced. When employees spend less time commuting, they don’t need to get up so early and feel refreshed in the mornings. Employees who are more relaxed and refreshed are also more productive.


Flexible Working Creates Happier Employees

Evidence suggests that employees with a remote working option are happier in their work. As noted, they are also more productive. In turn, employee retention is higher; they are less likely to look for alternative opportunities and less likely to move if approached by a recruiter. In an industry such as legal, keeping high-quality employees on board is vital to the continued success of the firm.


Reduced Costs for Everyone

Three are many ways in which permitting remote working can save your business money. Remote working for legal professionals is no different. Firstly, there is the potential for less office space which is one of the highest expenses. Your premises will only be as large as you need it to be. In a recent poll, employees were given a hypothetical choice between a raise and the option to work remotely. The majority chose the latter.


Remote Working is Flexible Working

Employers do not always need to limit their employees to the hours they work to the standard 9-5. Many groups of people, parents especially, are asking for flexible working hours. The ability to start earlier or later helps groups with flexible needs. With remote working, parents can carry out their duties while maintaining parental responsibilities.


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