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Benefits of Going Paperless, Then Outsourcing


Increasingly, we are moving to a digital work in our business transactions. Everything from invoicing, sales, customer research, administration and security is moving to the web. If you still use paper based records for your legal medical files, then now might be the right time to switch to digital. Also, during this transition phase, there is no better time than now to outsource. Here, we present four reasons why.


It’s Swift and Painless

Sure, replacing all of your paper files with digital version may take a while. You need to ensure that you’re uploading the right files in the right place. You also need to make sure you are transferring the right files and discarding those that you are able to destroy. Yet these processes never take as long as you might fear. When you switch to digital filing systems of record storage, Record Grabber makes it easy and painless, and easier to comply with HIPPA and other legal regulations.


It Saves You Time

The paper method of record storage is one of the slowest and most time-consuming methods. Ideally, you require an archivist. Requests can take a lot of time to process, especially if the archiving team has multiple requests for access throughout a working day. You need a record now at 9am; you can’t wait until 2pm. Digital records are faster to find and faster to use. When outsourcing, only authorized personnel can access the records, but they can do so much faster.


It Saves You Money

This is related to the above point. Did you know that companies like yours who opt to stick with paper record keeping spend $8bn every year wasting time searching for misplaced and missing paper records? That’s a vast amount of money. Misplacing records cannot happen with digital record keeping. Also, you will be able to turn over storage areas in your premises to something more profitable and save cash on wages by not increasing your archiving team.


It’s More Secure

Despite fear in the media about viruses, malware and even ransom ware (a subject we have written about repeatedly) with the proper procedures your data will be safe. Many infections are the result of human error. Paper records can be stolen more easily following a break in. A determined data thief can and will take the time to piece together paper strips – it has happened. When you go digital and outsource to Record Grabber, you have the benefit of our servers providing that extra security.

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