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80% of Records Retrieved in 30 Days

In this complex legal world, we know the importance of retrieving records quickly. You are part of a wide network of professionals each requiring information. Sometimes that information is urgent due to pending court cases. Perhaps one of the reasons you’ve not yet outsourced your record retrieval and storage is concern over speed or efficiency. These are misconceptions that Record Grabber hopes to challenge here. Let us assure you that of Record Grabber’s professionalism, diligence, and commitment to a smooth and efficient process.

80% Records Retrieved in Under 30 Days

That’s right. Typically, you can expect an average turnaround of about 30 days. It must be noted however that we receive around 80% of records in less time than that. We always aim to hit this target, earlier if possible and where possible. If a turnaround works out longer than this, it’s usually down to elements beyond our control. We may require further information from you, or the information we have provided is incomplete. Also, we may be waiting for authorization in line with our legal requirements. Nevertheless, we strive to improve turnaround times.

3 Weeks Isn’t Unusual

There are always outliers that are way beyond the expected 30 days. But these outliers are rare. When we eliminate these outliers – those where we need additional information supplied or from uncooperative providers, we’re confident we can deliver faster. Many of our clients enjoy a fast turnaround of 21 days, sometimes less. In the legal world, it’s vital that we get it right. 3 weeks is considered a quick response due to legal technicalities and case complexities. Unfortunately, uncooperative providers are a fact of life in this industry and these take longer to process.

Record Grabber’s Commitment to Diligence

We could be tempted to simply close out difficult requests to improve our turnaround time. After all, it would make Record Grabber look good to simply focus on being faster than everybody else. Record Grabber has a commitment to diligence and upholding a reputation as a thorough provider of record retrieval and storage. We retrieve 99.99% of requested records.


Record Grabber gets you the records you need when you need them. There are always requests that take longer than hoped for to retrieve but 80% of records are retrieved in the first 30 days. Make your free Record Grabber account today!

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