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Outsourcing Medical Record Storage Don’ts




Healthcare organizations need to save money. After all, the costs of the process of the modern US healthcare system are large, making the process expensive. Many businesses like yours are now looking at ways of reducing costs and streamlining their operations. While outsourcing is a great way to do this, a concerning number are outsourcing abroad. There are a number of problems with this.


Low Cost Means Lack of Attention to Detail

A race to the bottom in undercutting the competition means that these organizations must appeal to high volume. This leads to small businesses taking on too much work, and being unable to give your records and processes the attention they need. Pressured employees and systems are prone to problems that could cost you in the end. You get what you pay for, so why take the chance?


Employee Training

While they may have a good understanding of HIPAA and other Federal regulations, they may not be as aware of the subtle nuances that exist in state regulation. We know as well as you that medical record outsourcing, retrieval and storage is complex. You need highly skilled people – from those who answer the phones to those responsible for administering the system. Can you be sure of the service quality?


Potential Long Response Time

Because we work with legal and insurance organizations such as yours every day, we know how important a fast turnaround is for you. Cheaper outsourcing companies based abroad often have more clients than they can cope with, which means longer response time to your queries. They undercut for volume and appeal to as many clients as possible to ensure that volume of work.


Hidden Costs

Organizations that persistently undercut the competition (no matter the industry) have to make extra profits elsewhere. This means potential extra costs and conditions that you will not get when outsourcing to a USA based organization such as Record Grabber. Our costs are clearly displayed on our website and at every stage of your retrieval and storage process.


Data Risk

Organizations operating in the USA are bound by legal standards on data protection. We know the security systems we must use to keep customer data secure. Outsourcing organizations based on other countries cannot be prosecuted in the same way should their systems and processes prove inadequate. You owe it to your clients and patients to ensure that their data gets the full protection it deserves.

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