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2019’s Five Top Legal Tech Companies List

Technology is one of the fastest growing areas of the legal industry thanks to Cloud storage, always-on internet, and other technologies. Legal is not the first industry that comes to mind when considering the most prominent businesses on the web. Yet the following organizations are well-known in the legal tech world.



Relativity produces technology that aids the legal process using new developments in artificial intelligence. The company’s services enable far easier support to litigation and legal investigations in many industries. In the last year, they received a lot of investment to expand services into storage and indexing of legal documentation and reviewing contracts. What’s more, the technology is open source platform which means developers can build on the code to adapt to their unique needs.



One of the top businesses to receive investment in 2018, it’s hard not to see why. The legal industry sometimes needs to work across borders when handling cases and that means signing off documents. But what happens when a client or a litigant is on the other side of the world? Mail isn’t fast enough, but there is nothing faster than esignatures. DocuSign is a legally recognized digital signature service used all over the world.



Founded in 2011, Everlaw filled a gap in the digital market for managing and organizing litigation. It’s now the most popular management platforms for law firms. Main customers include District Attorneys in the area of ediscovery and a wide variety of health legal professionals. It has grown year on year through its accessibility, ease of use, and providing access to an electronic world that was arguably slow to take up web services.



Apttus has almost single-handedly revolutionized how we execute legal processes since it’s foundation in 2006. Their success is so great that it’s recently become part of the Salesforce family. This means the platform is scalable with solutions in the Salesforce Community arising quickly from any issues. Removing the requirement for having lawyers at every stage, it’s a quote-to-cash solution that speeds up legal cases.



The brainchild of the Justin Kan, one of the founders of Twitch and Y Combinator, and Augie Rakow, a law firm partner in Silicon Valley. The pair founded the company in 2017 with the aim of becoming the country’s largest multi-practice firm. Presently in a tech development stage to speed up the legal process, it has many well-known investors. It hasn’t been trading long but it’s already one of the most heavily invested legal businesses in the US.


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