Why use RecordGrabber?

We are the industry leader in retrieving medical records in a simple, fast, and reliable manner for our clients. Our service creates a billable expense that alleviates the burden of requesting records.

What are the fees?

The cost is a $35 flat fee plus provider fees. There are no hidden costs.

When are records processed?

We call within 24 hours and follow up every three days.

How am I billed?

An invoice is uploaded to your user portal during each billing cycle.

When am I billed?

On the 15th and 30th for all records uploaded to your portal within the billing timeframe.

Is there a charge for certified records?

No, there is no extra charge to have your records certified.

How do I receive the medical records?

The records will be uploaded to your Record Grabber portal and be available for instant download

Who covers the provider fees?

We cover the provider fees up front. We charge the provider fees back to the client on the invoice for each billing cycle.

Why are there no service contracts?

We do not want our clients to feel like they are stuck in a contract. We want you to stay with RecordGrabber because we provide a cost efficient and easy manner for requesting records.

How do I know the records are being called on?

There is an activity tracker to view the status of each request where you can view date stamped notes left each time that an operations retrieval specialist follows up on the request.